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Had fun alliterating my way through the alphabet, twice. Aspirations to become a writer one day, poems will suffice for the moment.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tomorrow is the day.

Finding a theme isn't as easy as you thought?

Finding the right words is troubling you?

STOP breathe remember you are not a tree.

if you don't like something, you have the will and ability to both change and grow in other aspects that you might have thought were out of your reach.

phew. I've started to type in blogs for the challenge. They wouldn't call it a challenge unless it was challenging!

Spread your word wings and hold tightly to the dictionary.

My best friend.

Until tomorrow.

-Miss Bates


  1. Oh Doll, you make laugh - and make me want to edit my verbose - in comparison to your - posts

  2. It's today now... waiting waiting :)

  3. I see you're managing to get through the series thus far... now if I can only get properly caught up....


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