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Had fun alliterating my way through the alphabet, twice. Aspirations to become a writer one day, poems will suffice for the moment.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Z is for Zooscopy A-Z Challenge 2015

hallucination that one is seeing animals

Zizzle Zazzle zizzified
Zappy, zoinked zassy.
Zinking zoulfully

-Miss Bates.

Y is for Yonside. A-Z Challenge 2015

on the farther side of

This is the  favourite day.
Winter has yielded.
Summer finally came to visit.
The yarling winds have finally ceased.
The sun is high upon the sky
the wind is cool, but almost tepid.
A glimpse into what is to come,
Yeasty yeep yonside.
It's time to scratch the yuke!

Yarling: wailing, howling 
Yeasty: full of restless energy or creativity
Yeep: to cheer, to chirp
Yuke: to itch
-Miss Bates.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for Xanthopsia. A-Z Challenge 2015


Xanthopsia xenogenous.
'Xchanged 'xcitement,
Xenodochial 'xplorers
'xpand, 'xclude.

xanthopsia ~ a visual condition where things appear yellow
xenodochial ~ hospitable; kindly to strangers
xenogenous ~ due to an outside cause

-Miss Bates.

Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for Wonderwork. A-Z Challenge 2015

miracle, prodigy, thaumaturgy

Willom Wallom, Winston who.
Windy weathers whirl 'n' whool
Whom what whether 
Whenas worries whey 
with woe words.

-Miss Bates.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

V is for Visual Poetry. A-Z Challenge 2015

Visual poetry
i think these are beautiful.

Þetta byrjaði sem; It all started as;
Hamingja happiness
Sem framkallaði; that produced;
Tár a tear
Sem uppgötvaði; that discovered;
Sorgina sorrow
Sem leiddi að; that lead to;
Söknuði. longing.

Reiði, biturleiki, skilningur. Anger, bitterness, understanding.

Söknuður Longing
Sem leiddi að; that lead to;
Sorg sorrow
Sem uppgötvaði; that discovered;
Tár a tear
Sem framkallaði; that produced;

Hamingju. happiness.
-Miss Bates.

U is for Utinam. A-Z Challenge 2015


a fervent wish

Seljalandsfoss Iceland

Unbelievable, unforgettable.
Sculpted by the unforgiving environment.
Untamed, unwilling to change.
Ubiquitously alluring, uplifting.
Unstoppable, almost, unnerving.
undeniably ending

-Miss Bates.

Friday, April 24, 2015

T is for Trying. A-Z Challenge 2015

The Toucan by Shel Silverstein
Tell me who can
Catch a toucan?
Lou can.

Just how few can
Ride the toucan?
Two can.

What kind of goo can
Stick you to the toucan?
Glue can.

Who can write some
More about the toucan?
You can!

Bear In There by Shel Silverstein
There's a Polar Bear
In our Frigidaire--
He likes it 'cause it's cold in there.
With his seat in the meat
And his face in the fish
And his big hairy paws
In the buttery dish,
He's nibbling the noodles,
He's munching the rice,
He's slurping the soda,
He's licking the ice.
And he lets out a roar
If you open the door.
And it gives me a scare
To know he's in there--
That Polary Bear
In our Fridgitydaire.

I like those two by Shel Silverstein.
He should have been my S post, but hey things aren't always as you try to make them.

-Miss Bates.