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Friday, April 17, 2015

O is for Orison. A-Z Challenge 2015

Orison ~ a prayer

It's my fathers birthday today. And in two months it will be 17 years since he left us.
He's the one hanging upside down.
He was a true ray of sunlight, and will be forever missed.
Here is one poem from my younger days, while everything was still upside down for me.

Hugur minn er úti á þekju
hjartað ráfar um
sál mín þrýstist í marga hluta
líkami minn er í losti.
Aum skel, innantóm
leitandi að ljósinu
leitandi að lyklinum
út úr skuggaveröld hugans.


My mind's gone blank
my heart roams around
my soul shattered into separate parts
my body in shock.
Hollow shell, pathetic
searching for the light,
searching for the key
out of the minds shadow world.

~I found my key, have you?
-Miss Bates.

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  1. A date like that will certainly bring back memories for you.


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