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Had fun alliterating my way through the alphabet, twice. Aspirations to become a writer one day, poems will suffice for the moment.

Friday, April 17, 2015

N is for Nemorivagant. A-Z Challenge 2015

 wandering through forests

here is more of my icelandic poetry translated, I really hope you like it.
Some letters of the alphabet are just to undiversified to make sense out of.
So I hope you all don't mind me sharing my native tongue with you all! 

Undrandi andlit
Leita að því sem hvarf.

Botnleysi finnur botn
Svör sem voru ósvöruð
Finna lokun.

Veröldin byrjar á ný.

~ * ~

Astonished faces
looking for that, that disappeared.

Bottomlessness finds his bottom.
Answers that were left unanswered
find closure.

The world begins anew.

-Miss Bates.


  1. Looking at the Icelandic, I find myself thinking of Tolkien.

  2. i'm glad he found his bottom... so cute


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