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Had fun alliterating my way through the alphabet, twice. Aspirations to become a writer one day, poems will suffice for the moment.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Hapax. A-Z Challenge 2014

today's roll revealed the number to be 17

word which occurs only once

Harrumphing Helmsmen
hissing hurtful hate.
Horrible Hounds hunting
Howling help!
History has hung heavy,
healing hope.

-Miss Bates.


  1. I started laughing when I saw Harrumphing... great word... then I got all 'what a messy world we live in' during the middle, and by the end I was glad to be reminded there is always hope... that's a lot of thought rolled into 17 H words - :D

  2. what an awesome way to write poetry, by rolling dice or spinning a wheel or picking a number from a hat. I love this poem. I love the cadence & meter & it ends w/ hope.

    visiting from A to Z Challenge.

  3. Horrible Hounds sounds like it could be the name of a metal band.

  4. In an era full of buzz words, we need more of those words that appear only once! Hapax... never heard of it... (must have missed it that one time it appeared ;-) ).


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